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Freight Elevator

★ Intelligent drive, can carry more

Intelligent drive, can carry more

11 The ECE freight elevator with complete specifications and advanced technology, in order to adapt to the high-efficiency modern civilized life, constantly innovates the speed regulation, operation and detection system, and comprehensively upgrades the drive configuration, with more load, less energy consumption and higher efficiency.

★ Seiko production, intelligent bearing

Seiko production, intelligent bearing

11 ① The safety guarantee
adopts the leading computer-controlled variable frequency variable voltage speed regulation system. When any abnormal situation occurs, it will be automatically detected, and the elevator will enter a special mode, display the fault code, and prohibit the starting operation, and the operation is more secure.

11 ② Energy saving and environmental protection
The new generation of ECE freight elevators has a small starting current and high energy use efficiency. It adopts LED energy-saving light sources, which save more than 30% energy than ordinary freight elevators.

11 ③Intelligent design
The double door design maximizes the width of the elevator door, improves the operation efficiency of the elevator, and can maximize the use of the shaft space and reduce the customer's construction cost.
The elevator is overloaded, the door is opened and closed overtime, the elevator automatically starts the protection function, and the intelligent design improves the safety of the elevator.

★ Large load, can be matched with different speeds

Large load, can be matched with different speeds

11 The freight elevator is equipped with different load series such as 1000-5000Kg, which can be combined with different speed grades to form elevators of different specifications, which can meet the different needs of customers.
It is widely used in large shopping malls, office buildings, transportation hubs, factories, industrial parks and other transportation places.

★ Elevator cloud CNC service platform

Elevator cloud CNC service platform

11 ECE's industry-leading "E-Cloud+ Elevator Cloud CNC Service Platform", through cloud data storage technology, elevator Internet of Things technology and smartphone module,
realizes elevator data interaction, remote monitoring, real-time fault reporting, emergency rescue, maintenance management, elevator Multiple functions such as health warning,
use the quick effect of technology to lead the efficient and effective service, make it possible to widely use artificial intelligence in the field of elevator property management, and
provide efficient and safe guarantee for elevator operation.



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