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Sightseeing elevator

Sightseeing elevator

★ All-round visual enjoyment

All-round visual enjoyment

11 The tall buildings stand upright, and the transparent glass flashes with colored spots under the setting sun. The appearance of the elevator with agile personality and the environment are integrated into a moving scenery.
Hurrying pedestrians, endless vehicles, shuttle back and forth on the street, the beautiful scenery in the distance and the clouds floating in front of you, every detail of the city is captured.
Overlooking the prosperous real estate under your feet, you can have a panoramic view of the splendid prosperity of the whole city, making a comfortable and unique sightseeing tour for the up and down passage.

★ Superior and reliable performance

Superior and reliable performance

11 The advanced VVVF frequency regulation, voltage regulation and speed regulation device, as well as gearless rotation mode and anti-vibration technology, according to the physiological requirements of the human body, combined with the design of the best running curve;
to keep the elevator comfortable and balanced during starting, acceleration, deceleration, and parking. Enjoy the ride.
Advanced and reliable microprocessor control technology and modular design are used to eliminate the possibility of failure to the greatest extent;
multiple fault protection and emergency devices are set up, as well as the most advanced elevator door control technology to make elevator operation safer and more reliable .

★ Energy regeneration, defining a new height of energy saving

Energy regeneration, defining a new height of energy saving

11 As a power-consuming unit in a building, how does the elevator convert the energy generated in its movement into electrical energy and feed it back to the power grid to achieve bidirectional flow, so as to reduce the power grid consumption of the motor-driven system per unit time and
achieve the purpose of energy saving - ECE energy regeneration The system came into being.
The ECE energy regeneration system converts the mechanical potential energy into electrical energy when the elevator is fully loaded down and under light load, and converts the generated DC power
into electrical energy that matches the grid voltage through rectification, and feeds it back to the grid for other electrical equipment. Use, realize the transformation from energy saving to "energy generation".

★ E-Cloud+2.0

ECE Cloud CNC Platform 2.0

ECE Cloud CNC Platform 2.0

11 ① Real-time synchronization, palm control, reducing the difficulty of your operation and maintenance
ECE upgrades the self-developed cloud CNC platform (E-CLOUD+), uses advanced Internet of Things technology, and adds "intelligence", "control" and "safety"
as The core ECS intelligent elevator cloud control system realizes all-weather real-time data synchronization between the elevator system and the ECE cloud numerical control platform (E-CLOUD+).
The client can also complete dozens of functions such as intelligent elevator debugging, abnormal movement monitoring of the car, daily management and regular physical examination by downloading the mobile APP or WeChat client.
Realize the remote detection and control of the ECE cloud CNC platform, reducing the difficulty of your daily operation and maintenance.

11 ② ECS6000
E-Elevator (elevator), C Control (control), S-Safety (safety) realize AI (artificial intelligence) control and monitoring of the overall elevator and improve the safety performance of the elevator.

★ Perfect fit of technology and architecture

The perfect match of technology and architecture

11 ECE sightseeing elevator has exquisite beauty and high-quality riding experience. Italian space design masters bring the international cutting-edge fashion concept into the elevator industry
. Buttons, simple handrails, from the decoration of the car, to the matching of the overall structure of the elevator and the building, create an all-round comfortable sightseeing tour.



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