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Car Elevator

★ Reasonable scheduling, free driving

Reasonable scheduling, free driving

11 The smart taxi function is
a fully computerized intelligent control system. Various guiding functions allow cars to enter and exit freely, and can optionally be equipped with a vehicle entry and exit dispatch signal management system, which is connected to the billing system to save users’ waiting time and improve operating efficiency. It is an ideal transportation tool for parking lots to help cars move vertically.

★ Efficient performance

Efficient performance

11The use of well-known brand components, intelligent control, can meet the high-load operation, the six-leaf door in the middle, the car frame adopts the unique design of the cable-stayed bar, which can meet the frequent and safe entry and exit of high-load, large-sized vehicles.

★ Elevator cloud CNC service platform

Elevator cloud CNC service platform

11ECE's industry-leading "E-Cloud+ Elevator Cloud CNC Service Platform", through cloud data storage technology, elevator Internet of Things technology and smartphone module, realizes elevator data interaction, remote monitoring, real-time fault reporting, emergency rescue, maintenance management, elevator Multiple functions such as health warning, use the quick effect of technology to lead the efficient and effective service, make it possible to widely use artificial intelligence in the field of elevator property management, and provide efficient and safe guarantee for elevator operation.

★ "Main rail + auxiliary rail" design, the structure is more stable

"Main rail + auxiliary rail" design, the structure is more stable

11The car elevator adopts the new design of "main rail + auxiliary rail", and the whole car structure is more stable, which effectively solves the eccentric load problem when the car first enters the car, reduces accidents and improves the service life of the car elevator.



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