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Home Elevator

★ Home elevator structure

Home elevator structure

11 Home elevators, with a minimum floor area of ​​only 1.58 square meters, can be installed more flexibly in small spaces, so you no longer have to worry about having no place to install elevators at home.
The height of the top floor is only 2.8 meters, which can adapt to more types of villa buildings, and can also be perfectly adapted to villas with lower top floors.
There is no need to make a concrete shaft, and there is no need to worry about the damage to the civil structure of the house caused by the addition of the shaft.
Directly install steel structure shaft or aluminum alloy structure shaft, which is simple and convenient and saves time.

★ ECE Cloud CNC Platform 2.0


11 ① Real-time synchronization, palm control, reducing the difficulty of your operation and maintenance
ECE upgrades the self-developed cloud CNC platform (E-CLOUD+), uses advanced Internet of Things technology, and
adds "intelligence", "control" and "safety" as The core ECS intelligent elevator cloud control system
realizes all-weather real-time data synchronization between the elevator system and the ECE cloud numerical control platform (E-CLOUD+).
The client can also complete dozens of functions such as intelligent elevator debugging, abnormal movement monitoring of the car, daily management and regular physical examination by downloading the mobile APP or WeChat client.
Realize the remote detection and control of the ECE cloud CNC platform, reducing the difficulty of your daily operation and maintenance.

11 ② ECS6000
E-Elevator (elevator), C Control (control), S-Safety (safety) realize AI (artificial intelligence) control and monitoring of the overall elevator and improve the safety performance of the elevator.

★ One-click calling function

Travel gracefully with you

11 The user can press the control box to call or the alarm button, the system will automatically call out according to the first number among the 5 pre-stored numbers,
and automatically switch to the second number to call out when encountering a busy tone or a missed call, and
so on . , until the call is successful (the user is only responsible for the cost of the SIM card used by this intercom system)



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