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Passenger elevator

Passenger elevator

★ The combination of "soft and hard", my equipment is different

"Soft and hard" are applied together, my ride is different

1 ① Not only technology, but also humanized
ECE breaks through the basic concept of "Internet + Elevator" in one fell swoop, and upgrades this concept to create a new breakthrough concept of "Internet + Elevator + AI Artificial Intelligence", which enables elevators to operate, manage, ride While more convenient, it also adds intimate humanized services.

44 ② Optimal hardware, configuration advantages are fully demonstrated
Considering the use environment, customer needs, cost performance and other factors, ECE elevators use the mechanism of independent research and development + finished product optimization to ensure that the technology, quality and related parts of ECE products always maintain the industry leading position.

44 ③ Safe ride, safe choice
The electrical appliances used in the ECE elevator car (including lighting, ventilation equipment, buttons, etc.) use 12 volts of safe voltage, so that the safety factor of the car's electricity consumption has been qualitatively improved, while ensuring the smooth operation of the elevator. Keep passengers safe.

★ Environmentally friendly noise reduction traction host

Environmentally friendly noise reduction traction host

44When most of its peers are still exploring and watching the energy efficiency of the main engine, ECE has taken the lead in optimizing the energy-saving characteristics of the traction main engine in accordance with the requirements of the National Development and Reform Commission's 2020 Document No. 640, so that it can meet the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China". ”, “Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Administrative Measures for Energy Efficiency Labeling”, “Implementation Rules for Energy Efficiency Labeling of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors” and “GB30253” and other energy efficiency standards required by laws and regulations, and have been evaluated by European professional elevators Organization: TUV SUD Lift Service General introduction is rated as the highest double-A energy-saving standard, taking the lead in the field of energy saving and emission reduction.

★ Precision gate control system

Precision gating system

1 ① The door lock system is deeply optimized for smooth door opening and closing
, and new optimization technology is adopted to prevent poor door lock contact and improve the stability of the door opening and closing mechanism.

11 ② 20% door opening and closing noise reduction
Optimize the opening and closing structure of various moving parts to reduce the opening and closing noise by 20%.

44 ③ Safety anti-collision
adopts anti-collision reinforced floor door to improve the safety performance of the ladder door.

twenty two ④ Anti-pinch design
A. Door light curtain protection system: An invisible light curtain is formed at the elevator door to protect the safety net. Once the light is disturbed, the elevator door will reopen to avoid collision with passengers or items.
B. Anti-pinch setting: ECE further optimizes the safety factor of the door control system. In addition to the light curtain protection, the elevator anti-pinch setting is added. Once a person or item passes through the elevator door during the door closing process, the elevator door
will be reopened to prevent people or items from being caught. The elevator is caught and damaged, which improves the protection of passengers and the comfort of riding.

★ E-Cloud+2.0

ECE Cloud CNC Platform 2.0

ECE Cloud CNC Platform 2.0

1 ① Real-time synchronization, palm control, reducing the difficulty of your operation and maintenance
ECE upgrades the self-developed cloud CNC platform (E-CLOUD+), uses advanced Internet of Things technology, and adds "intelligence", "control" and "safety"
as The core ECS intelligent elevator cloud control system realizes all-weather real-time data synchronization between the elevator system and the ECE cloud numerical control platform (E-CLOUD+).
The client can also complete dozens of functions such as intelligent elevator debugging, abnormal movement monitoring of the car, daily management and regular physical examination by downloading the mobile APP or WeChat client.
Realize the remote detection and control of the ECE cloud CNC platform, reducing the difficulty of your daily operation and maintenance.

11 ② ECS6000
E-Elevator (elevator), C Control (control), S-Safety (safety) realize AI (artificial intelligence) control and monitoring of the overall elevator and improve the safety performance of the elevator.

★ Personalized intelligent control

Personalized intelligent control

1 ① Voice control, use your voice to wake me up
. Use your voice to activate the elevator voice floor selection function in the elevator, support multiple people to use at the same time, and accurately identify.

0 ② Call the elevator with gestures, one hand can control
the split modular surface-mounted installation, and use gesture control to call up/down elevators.

00 ③ Security system, the security system for IC card identification can be set up in the private security
elevator, users on each floor have their own IC cards, and the IC card functions can be transferred to smart bracelets, watches and smart phones (such as Huawei watches). (and most Android phones),
enter the elevator and swipe the card/wristband/watch/smartphone to select the preset floor in the card, and specify the arrival floor of each user to ensure the safety and privacy of users on each floor.

★ From work to leisure, ECE fully loads your life

From work to leisure, ECE fills your life

11ECE intelligent 2.0 passenger elevator covers 0.5m/s to 3.0m/s speed, 400kg~ 2000kg full-size elevator, and is equipped with a professional engineer team and an excellent designer team to meet the application of residential, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and other use scenarios ,From your home life, office environment to leisure and entertainment, ECE can meet your travel needs. .



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