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★ Details show the beauty of technology

Excellent performance brings you comfortable feeling

① Stable, durable
and non-deformable profiled steel trusses and strong wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel step plates are more durable and safer to meet the requirements of smaller and more flexible well space

② Reasonable and
unique multi-stage driving mode, more reasonable rotating structure, safety design in every detail;
ergonomic handrail design and step design, making the lifting more natural and more friendly;

③ The safety and stability
step warning lights are located at the mouth and under the lower step pedals. When the connected steps are running staggered, green fluorescence will emerge from the step teeth to help passengers identify the steps entering and exiting the horizontal section and improve the safety of the stairs.
The apron brushes are located on the steps on both sides of the apron, which can prevent passengers' shoes from touching the apron, and prevent foreign objects from being brought into the steps safely and effectively.

④Intelligent maintenance
pays attention to the elevator running status 24 hours a day, automatically locks the fault coordinates, and has advanced fault handling capabilities; intelligent settings such as detachable steps and preset lubrication modes can realize efficient maintenance without worry and effort.

⑤ The comfortable and energy-saving
sprocket is equipped with a buffer device, which has smaller friction and lighter vibration, bringing passengers a smooth and comfortable feeling;
optimizing the main engine and transmission system, parallel helical gear reducer and linear handrail system greatly improve transmission efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

★ More options for performance upgrade

More options for performance upgrades

11 ① Step warning lights (standard configuration)
The green fluorescent lights are installed under the mouth and the lower step pedals. When the connected steps run staggered, the green fluorescent lights will be illuminated from the tooth gaps of the steps to help passengers identify the steps entering and exiting the horizontal section, and improve the speed of passengers. Safety.

11 ② The apron board brush (standard configuration) is
installed on both sides of the apron board and is located above the steps.

11 ③ The heating device (paid option)
is located in three parts, the upper part is installed on the side of the main machine in the upper machine room, mainly for heating the upper machine room, the middle part is installed in the middle of the escalator, and the lower part is installed in the lower machine room, mainly to heat the entire ladder path to ensure the oil circuit. , The ladder road does not freeze.

11 ④ Running direction indication (standard configuration)
Running direction and no-travel display signs are placed at the entrance and exit of the handrail to display running or no-travel instructions to ensure passengers ride safely and freely.

11 ⑤ Intermittent operation (automatic start/stop (paid option)
Sensors hidden inside the new entrance can detect passengers entering the floor board and start running automatically. When all passengers leave, it will automatically stop or run slowly to save energy. consumption.

11 ⑥ VVVF frequency conversion control technology (standard configuration)
After the frequency converter is selected, it can effectively reduce energy consumption, usually save 60% of energy in occasions with few people, and can effectively reduce peak current by 80%.
Under no-load conditions, the escalator runs at a low speed, and resumes its normal speed operation when a passenger is detected approaching.

11 ⑦ Handrails can be selected
from exquisite streamlined handrails, which are integrated with the environment and enhance the overall style of the space; complete specifications and colors are available, with cover plates, skirts, and railings of different textures, showing a variety of styles.



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